The Edge of My World is a collection of poems I have written over the last few years. As there are so many of them, I have separated the book into sections for easier reading.

The poems cover all areas of, well, basically everything…


Tasmanian Times Review:

“It takes a very strong woman to remain gentle!” – Rosalie Fayad (Lady R.F)

The Edge of My World by Rosalie Fayad (Lady R.F) is a collection of poems and proses showcasing an instinctive freestyle art-form of poetry that caters to everyone, covering themes such as Love, Life, Anxiety, Inspiration, Determination, and Self-Worth.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety and PTSD for most of her life, Rosalie has based many of her poems on the crippling ailment, allowing readers experiencing similar situations to see they are not alone and that there’ll be plenty of sun-shiny days ahead. Rosalie holds nothing back in her poems, allowing readers to feel every raw emotion – good or bad – inviting them into her beautifully messy mixed-up world.

The Edge of My World is a wonderful collection of poems where there is something for everyone – Love Poetry for the romantics, Motivational Poetry for the despondent, and so much more. All readers need to do to take this journey is pack their heart.



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