About Me

Welcome to ‘The Edge Of My World!’




Hi, my name is Rosalie Fayad.

I am an Australian born, Sydney based, creative writer. I am a truly blessed mother of five beautiful souls. My daughters truly are the beating heart of my soul. 

My parents are Italian, I grew up with a very family-orientated lifestyle.

Family, friends and my writing is what makes my heart smile everyday, regardless of anything!

I write holistic style poetry and quotes. I have a real passion for words and expression.

I am most happy to debut my poetry book  “The Edge of My World”. It is available at amazon.com and all good online bookstores. I have put some of my pieces together to have them published in my first collection, creating a collection of my life’s work; this was always what i wanted to achieve! I feel truly blessed to have been able to do so. 

I am currently putting my second book together. It will be available next year. 

I have been writing poetry, quotes and short stories, since I could read! Writing is the only true form, in which I am successfully, comfortably and confidently able to express my true self! I have also had a few of my pieces published in anthologies over the last twenty years, so to finally have my own collection printed in my own book, is a dream come true for me.

I am an absolute lover of words, and of the power which is vested in them!
I write poetry, quotes, small talk and short stories. I find my inspiration in solitude!
I spend every free moment I have sitting, on the edge of my world, where the forest meets the sea! This is where I am truly free to be me!

Solitude is my dearest and sincerest friend! Come on a journey with me!

“The Edge Of My World, Where The Forest Meets The Sea; This Is Where You Will Find Me!”